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Jason SavageMy name is Jason Savage, designer of CrosswordGold™ - timed crossword puzzle challenges that feature great prizes and awards. Proceeds from events go to selected non-profit organizations.

This is your opportunity to enter a timed competition. One in which you are guaranteed an award just for solving the puzzle. Take a look at the prizes in our inaugural Tiger Time Crossword event. Crossword Gold™ events feature the crossword, the most popular puzzle format in the world.  I know you've all completed at least one. Some can be very complicated, but ours are not. However, I have added a few nuances. For instance, you reveal a one word answer from the completed puzzle. You can learn the methodology by completing our free Competition Sample. It's very easy!  You do not have to be a puzzle solving expert to compete in these events. I even list the pages where the answers can be found. Purchase a ticket for yourself or a friend, and have fun

Take a tour of the site to learn more about Crossword Gold™ events and your opportunity to win some great prizes.  A selected charity or charities will receive a designated portion of the proceeds from each event. Each event will list the recipient(s).

The Golden Ticket
Your Golden Ticket Into An Event

Event Features

Zoe Everyone Can Win!
Zoe No Special Puzzle Solving Skills Needed!
Zoe Simultaneous Start!
Zoe Great Prizes!
Zoe Results Database Posted For All Entrants!

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Tiger Time Puzzle
The Inaugural Crossword Gold Competition Puzzle



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